High Frequency Welding And Cutting

High Frequency welding and cutting machine as known as High frequency fusing machine, synchronous fusing machine,high frequency welding embossing cutting machine. The fusing machine categories: Divided into automatic round disc high frequency synchronization fusing machine (automatic picking manipulator Options), PLC high-frequency fusing machine with shuttle tray, synchronous fusing machine, manual push disc fusing machine, rotating high frequency synchronization fusing machine, rotary high frequency fusing machine. The features for the PLC high frequency welding and cutting machine with shuttle tray is the high integration of welding and cutting. PLC+human machine interface for easy operation. The most important function of HF welding and cutting machine is that it can cut the exceeding material after welding automatically. HF welding is specially designed for the blister packages. However, it can also be used for PU leather cover for pad and phone, lifejackets, safety vests, reflective signs, inflatable toys, badge, cosmetics bags, car door panel, sun visor, car cushion, medical, textile and clothing, reflective garments, truck and boat covers, pool liners, sunshades, billboards chair cushion, etc.