High Frequency Plastic Welding

T type high frequency plastic welding machine is also known as a double head radio high frequency plastic welding machine or double pedal high-frequency heat sealing machine. The processing method is to join materials between two electrodes in the high frequency electric field, among which generate electromagnetic field causes the molecules within the material to move rapidly, heat up and weld the products. The foot pedal is applied to make workers operate easily. The drive of pneumatic, dielectric heating, hydraulic, pressurization drive and anti-spark system are options for clients. The most common materials used for the high frequency welding machine are PVC (polyvinyl chloride), also called vinyl and PU (Polyurethane). The power of the machine is designated by the size of materials, such as the thickness, length, and width of materials. Both the single head and double head high frequency welding machines are welcome. Keywords: high frequency welding machine, welding machine, welding equipment, PVC high-frequency hot-melt adhesive bonding, PVC plastic sheets embossed, PVC welding machines, Mesin hf, high frequency rf welder, plastic welders, PVC Bags Making Machine, Fabric Welding Machine.high frequency welders, book cover making machine