High Frequency Canvas Welding

High frequency canvas welding machine is applied to the production of tents, large awning, large advertising banner, pool-liners, oil-booms, swimming pool covers, etc. The materials applied to the high frequency tarpaulin welding machine are PVC, EVA, PE, and so on. Using hf energy in the form of an electromagnetic field to provide uniform heating and pressure to bond materials surface to weld them.No external heating is required for the joining of PVC and PU materials while applying the HF welding machine. The output of our HF canvas welding machine up to 35KW with deep material trough behind the electrode plate provides advanced technological features for optimizing productivity. Stabilized and strong regulated HF vibrators can provide efficient power for linear welding up to 1500mm in length and 50mm wide. It also equipped with a laser scanning positioning system, convenient for the operator to position and welding continuously. Operators can operate this tarpaulin machine by hand or manually. Keywords: Tarpaulin welding, banner welding, PU waterproof membrane fusion, tarpaulin machine, stretch ceilings, tents camping outdoor, canvas machine, banner welding machine