High Frequency Blister Packaging

High Frequency Blister Packaging can be divided into Shuttle Tray type, rotary table type, and Standard T type pneumatic welding machine. Shuttle Tray type sometimes also means sliding table type Hf blister packing machine, the rotary table type blister packing machine is the same as the rotating table type or disc type welding machine. The T type is our standard high frequency PVC and plastic welding machine. PLC control or normal automatic high frequency blister packing machine are both available for clients. The plastic welders with outputs up to 15KW, welding area can be customized based on the size of clients' tools (Moulds). High frequency blister packing is to deliver the high-frequency energy to the thermoplastic plastic placed between two electrodes. Thermoplastic plastics are made from PVC or TPU which is constituted by two or three and more layers. The shape of the upper electrode is made accordant to the desired embossing or welding shape on the plastic products, and the shape of lower plates is also made based on the shape of products. The upper electrode is connected to a hydraulic or pneumatic or pressurization cylinder to boost stronger pressure to weld. Keywords: high frequency machine; Blister Sealing Machine;PVC Blister Sealing Machine; Blister Packing Machine