4200W Ultrasonic Welding Machine

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The ultrasonic welding machine can be used to weld thermoplastics. Their advantages are their rapid process times coupled with good process reliability. Materials that can be used for the ultrasonic welding machine includes PS, PP, PE, PC, PVC, NYLON, NORYL, ACETAL, ABS, and so on.


The ultrasonic welding machine using ultrasonic waves to weld thermoplastics. When the machine starts, it can raise thousands of times of high-frequency vibration. After the vibration reaches a certain amplitude per second and transmits ultrasonic energy to the welding area via the upper weldment, high temperature is generated because of the big acoustic resistances around the interface between the welding areas. Besides, because of the bad thermal conductivity of plastics, the heat energy can’t be emitted immediately, gathered in the welding area. Then the plastic surfaces fused quickly, together with a certain pressure, they are fused together.  

When the ultrasonic waves stop, the pressure maintained a few seconds to solidify it to form a solid molecular chain for welding purposes. The welding strength is equivalent to that of raw materials.                                                   


1) Intelligent frequency tracking 

2) Unlimited adjustable power  

3) Large LCD display

4) IGBT power module output 

5) Strong and stable power 

6) Time control mode  

 Specification of 4200W ultrasonic welding machine
Model number Output power  (KW)Power Supply (VAC)FrequencyWelding timeWork PressureMachine size (L*W*H) MMN.W. (KGS)
JGP-154242001-Phase 220V/230V 50Hz 15Khz0.001/9.999S0.15-.8Mpa11008102100542

4200W Ultrasonic Welding Machine
4200W Ultrasonic Welding Machine

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