The function of high-frequency blister packing machine

The high-frequency blister packing machine is mainly used for heat-sealing packing of blister cards and cardboard. Using the principle of pulse heating (36V voltage makes the bakelite mold heat), select different current output and power-on time according to the size of the workpiece (heat sealing area), and then complete the heat sealing package under the cooling and pressure. The packaged product is transparent and beautiful, and the packaging speed is fast. The principle of adjustable electric heating is adopted to complete the heat sealing of blister and cardboard.

The blister packaging machine uses a low-loss coaxial high-frequency resonator with strong high-frequency output power and can weld products in the fastest time, greatly improving the production efficiency. This machine is equipped with a high-frequency stabilizer and high-frequency shielding device. Minimizing high-frequency interference and avoiding radio wave interference. Meanwhile, the frequency drift caused by improper operation can be avoided, the damage of electrodes and materials can be minimized, and the alarm lamp can also be lit to give an alarm. 

The blister packaging machine adopts positive and negative pressure forming, feeding, heat sealing, punching, tearing and folding, cutting, scrapping, finished product conveying and other packaging forms, with simple structure and convenient operation. The upper and lower heating of the blister packaging machine can shorten the PVC heating time, effectively protect the PVC molecular structure and save energy. When the machine stops, the heating plate will automatically turn on to avoid waste caused by overheating of PVC. The blister packaging machine adopts a color touch screen (human-machine interface) and a programmable controller programmable control system, with high output, low noise, clearer, and simpler operation, high degree of automation, and more humane. The mold and automatic feeder can be designed according to the requirements of users and packaged goods.


When using a blister packaging machine, one or more products can be packaged simultaneously according to the size of the blister packaging product. The worktable rotates automatically, and 3-6 stations can be selected for higher work efficiency. Suitable for stationery packaging, electronic product packaging, MP3, MP4, MP5 blister packaging, toothbrush packaging, dental floss packaging, toy packaging, gift packaging, hardware packaging, U disk packaging, and other blister paper card packaging. It can also be used for polyvinyl chloride. Flexible cord plastic box molding, plastic welding.etc.

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